The Challenge – The Data/People Gap that Sec Ops Teams Face:

There is a gap between the exponential growth in security related data and the shortage of skilled personnel to analyze that data. Tuning down sensor alerts could mean missing potential incidents.

The Solution – Expert Decision-Making Augments Your Team:

The Respond Analyst automates the analysis and triage of security data, at machine speed, with a level of depth & consistency unmatched by human analysis. Its proprietary intelligent decision engine provides built-in reasoning and judgement to make better decisions, faster.

“It’s not often that I say, ‘Wow,’ but that is what I said when I heard about Respond Analyst.”

Ed Amoroso, TAG Cyber

“The more data we throw at it, the better. We like the software’s consistent performance. I know that the Respond Analyst is looking at these events the same way every single time.”

Kevin Bailey, Kyriba

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