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Respond Analyst™

A New Kind of Security Analyst

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are human-prone. Creative and intelligent for some tasks, distracted and limited for others.  Let the Respond Analyst give your SOC self-driving capabilities to automatically diagnose and escalate incidents in areas best suited for a modern, self-adapting expert system.  Highly Accurate. Consistent. Scalable.

The 1st Security Operations Expert System

Product Information

The End of the Console

Elevate your SOC analysts from console-watching to hunting and discovery.  Let the Respond Analyst with Probabilistic Graphical Optimization (PGO™) technology handle incident escalations while it learns, adapts and maintains your unique, security-critical tribal knowledge 24x7x365.

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“Respond provides a unique way to scale and improve SOC capabilities by taking over decision-making in critical, but tough to staff use cases.”

Brett Wahlin, CISO, Staples

“Good analysts keep the SOC operating at peak efficiency – but it is tough to find and retain them.  Respond provides an always-on, expert-in-a-box for Network Intrusion and System Compromise.”

Izak Mutlu, former CISO,

“We need more than yesterday’s SOC.  Respond can enable capabilities that vastly increase the comprehensiveness and efficacy of our efforts.”

Kirsten Davies, CISO, Barclays Africa

“The Respond Analyst is not a platform.  No programming, no prolonged learn-mode, no unexpected gotchas.  It’s an application that makes use of existing infrastructure to deliver immediate results.”

Fred Thiele, Executive, Global Financial Services Company