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Expert Decision-Making Powers Your Team

Your “Intelligent Decision Engine”

The Respond Analyst automates the analysis and triage of security data, at machine speed, with a level of depth & consistency unmatched by human analysis. Its proprietary intelligent decision engine provides built-in reasoning and judgement to make better decisions, faster.

Rave Reviews

“The more data we throw at it, the better. We like the software’s consistent performance. I know that the Respond Analyst is looking at these events the same way every single time.”

Kevin Bailey, Kyriba

“It’s not often that I say, ‘Wow,’ but that is what I said when I heard about Respond Analyst.”

Ed Amoroso, TAG Cyber

Transform Your Security Operations

Find out how our decision-making automation software is changing the game in security operations. Our CEO, Mike Armistead explains how it works:

The ROI of the Respond Analyst

The Respond Analyst works out of the box and is easy to deploy, delivering results quickly and helping you get true value from your security monitoring program. Check out some recent results our clients achieved after one month of using the software.

  • Extend Your Team

  • Save Time & Money

  • Gain Security Expertise

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