Respond Software Joins FireEye

Improve the productivity of your Security Operations and find the real security incidents at a fraction of the cost.


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The Respond Analyst XDR Engine – Connecting the Dots for SecOps

Security analysts are detectives looking at all of the evidence to piece together an attack, but there are endless clues and false positives. Some solutions only provide part of the picture because they require constant tuning and engineering.

But there is a better way. The Respond Analyst XDR Engine uses AI and machine learning to stitch together data from security controls eliminating the events that don’t matter and revealing the ones that do. Spend less time investigating false positives and more time doing the real detective work with the Respond Analyst.

“It’s not often that I say, ‘Wow,’ but that is what I said when I heard about Respond Analyst.”

Ed Amoroso, TAG Cyber

“The more data we throw at it, the better. We like the software’s consistent performance. I know that the Respond Analyst is looking at these events the same way every single time.”

Kevin Bailey, Kyriba