2018: The Year We Introduced Robotic Decision Automation to the World

Mike Armistead
by Mike Armistead
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We started Respond Software with a mission to right the attacker-defender balance—long tipped in the favor of the bad guys—by unlocking the potential of people+machines for every cyber security team that is feeling constrained by a lack of skilled resources. In 2018, I believe we’ve made significant progress against this mission.

But we had a problem. What our product does—combining the strength of human intelligence, experience, and judgement with the scale, consistency, and affordability of software to help resource-constrained businesses and their teams make use of expert level capabilities and capacity—is not only a mouthful but is also unique.

So we had to get better at describing this new class of product: a class of product that deploys and adds value quickly; a class of product that works by-and-large “out of the box”, without requiring rules to be written, playbooks to be programmed or big data sets to be “learned”; a class of product that will help redefine the future of security operations.

That new class of product is Robotic Decision Automation, or RDA, for short. And the Respond Analyst, our flagship product, is a great example of this technology in action. Customers across many industries, whose security operations ranged in size from “super SOC” to “a super great person doing security as part of their job”, are using the Respond Analyst to augment their team with round the clock, expert monitoring and triage.

I invite you to see just what these Decision Bots can do for you.

2018: When the Rubber Met the Road

Our approach at Respond Software has been to deliver results with humble persistence. With that said, there are times that you just need to reflect and celebrate key milestones in a young company’s evolution.

2018 was a groundbreaking year for us and our customers. We got our product up and running in a variety of customer environments, and validated that RDA works in the field. The Respond Analyst adds, on average, the equivalent of 14 full-time expert analysts to each of our customer’s security teams, expanding their capabilities and providing them greater security coverage.

With 600 percent growth in our customer base year-over-year, we’re seeing first-hand how well our technology resonates. Some are large, Fortune 500 companies, others are smaller mid-sized organizations, and they come from a wide array of industries, including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, gaming, retail, and higher education. They all have one thing in common—a need for cost-effective, scalable security monitoring and triage.

It’s incredibly gratifying to know that we can help them and to see our RDA software relieve the frustrations that their security teams had been experiencing

Gaining industry recognition

We’re also honored to have been recognized as a Gartner 2018 Cool Vendor in Security Operations and the recognition we received by industry luminary Ed Amoroso of TAG Cyber. Respond Software was included in both the 2018 and 2019 TagCyber Reports as one of the top 50 vendors to watch. And finally, we’re extremely excited to have had the opportunity to partner with Norwich University to protect the NCAA football championship against cyberattacks.

Going forward, we’ll continue to focus on providing value to our customers. Many of them are tired of the old way of doing things. We’ve shown that Robotic Decision Automation can help businesses move away from the failed approaches to cybersecurity—and get security analysts out from under the avalanche of alerts they’d been asked to monitor in the past.

With Robotic Decision Automation, today’s businesses have a real alternative. The Respond Analyst is more than a mere software tool. It acts as a partner to human cybersecurity teams, enabling them to work more effectively, efficiently, and with greater job satisfaction.

To learn more about how Robotic Decision Automation can build upon and enhance the expertise of your company’s security team, contact us to request a demo today.

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