Monitoring that never sleeps and never slows down

The Respond Analyst lets you add front-line analyst capacity without having to hire and train an army of people. Offload tedious, time-intensive tasks to expert-trained network security monitoring and triage software. The Respond Analyst learns as it goes, autonomously monitoring, analyzing and escalating incidents to surface only those which require further attention. Decision automation software lets you maximize the value of the security operations team you already have in place.

Add 24x7 “Eyes On Screen”

  • Automates analyst decision-making
  • Performance at machine speed
  • Always on duty

Fast Track to Maturity

  • Skilled analysis of alerts, starting on day 1
  • Expert decision-making
  • Elevates your team to hunt & investigate

Easy to Install and Manage

  • On the job in less than a day
  • Works for you – no programming, engineering, or maintenance
  • Reduces operational expenses

Add Capacity to Your Team with a Virtual Analyst

Reduce the pressure on your security team by letting machines take on more of the network security monitoring burden.



Respond Analyst At-A-Glance

The Respond Analyst enhances your security team by automating the human security analysis process. In this At-a-Glance, learn how the Respond Analyst turns monitored alerts into scoped and prioritized security incidents.

The Respond Analyst: Meet the Newest Trusted Member of Your Security Team

Works around the clock, never takes a break or goes on vacation


Stream your network intrusion and malware feeds to the Respond Analyst


The Respond Analyst skillfully analyzes all events, as they stream, with 10x the depth of a human analyst


The Respond Analyst collects all relevant evidence, scopes together involved events and systems, and prioritizes the case based on your environmental and business context


When a case requires escalation, your team receives everything that needed to respond to and defend against the threat

In less than half a day, you can have Respond Analyst working for you.

The Respond Analyst at Work

Challenge: A regional utility company needed a continuous monitoring solution to protect offices, plants and distributed networks – all with just three IT people. The team was performing triage on a large volume of security events logged each day, but few were actual threats. That said, they knew the implications of a single threat could be catastrophic. They needed a better, faster way to conduct monitoring and triage so the team could spend time investigating actual threats.

Results: After implementing the Respond Analyst, the team saw the following results:

1. Adding Industrial Control Systems (ICS) monitoring capability without adding headcount or expertise
2. Team members’ time freed up to protect against actual security incidents
3. Consistent, reliable 24x7 coverage

Customer Story:

Add ICS Monitoring Expertise to Security Team


Average Events Analyzed/Month


Average Escalated Incidents/Month


Happy Security Team