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XDR is Real and Set to Make an Immediate Impact in the SOC

Dan Lamorena | November 23, 2020

Security Analysts

Behind the Evidence Board

Dan Lamorena | November 2, 2020

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Mission Accepted: Respond Software Joins Splunk in Quest to Deliver the Modern SOC

Dan Lamorena | October 23, 2020

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An Active Defense Mindset Draws Better Financial Returns from Your SOC

Dan Lamorena | September 15, 2020

Perspective, Security Operations

Modernizing Your SecOps for Stability, Resilience and Growth

Dan Lamorena | June 25, 2020

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MSSPs: The Future of Security Operations is Here Today

Dan Lamorena | May 28, 2020

Cybersecurity Solutions, MSSP, Security Monitoring Program, Security Operations

What You Should Expect from a Next-Gen MSSP

Dan Lamorena | May 19, 2020

Cybersecurity Monitoring, Perspective, Security Monitoring Program

Defining the Next-Gen MSSP with Robotic Decision Automation

Dan Lamorena | May 4, 2020

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Business Continuity Planning for Your Security Operations

Dan Lamorena | April 28, 2020