Cybersecurity Analysis, Network Security Monitoring, Perspective, Security Analysts, Security Operations

The Hard Truth of the SOC Analyst Shortage

Chris Calvert | September 6, 2017

Security Operations

The Accuracy and Scoping of Today’s Cybersecurity Incidents

Alexa Rzasa | September 5, 2017


Security Data Is Still Overwhelming Every SOC’s Capacity

Mike Armistead | September 4, 2017


Threat Detection Scientist: The Critical New Role in Security Automation

Chris Calvert | September 3, 2017

Perspective, Security Operations, SOC Analysis

The Value of Business Context in the SOC, and the Challenges of Maintaining It

Tim Wenzlau | September 2, 2017


Ed Amoroso Asks, Self-Driving Cars…Why Not a Self-Driving SOCs?

Julie Greene | August 25, 2017

Security Analysts, Security Operations, Security Operations Software

Security Ops? Get Ready, It’s the End of Console Monitoring

Chris Calvert | August 14, 2017

Perspective, Security Operations, SOC Analysis

Self-Driving SOCs Will Progress Much Like Autonomous Cars

Tim Wenzlau | August 8, 2017

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