Respond Software commissioned the Cyentia Institute, led by founder Wade Baker, to research the tasks conducted in the modern Security Operations Center (SOC). This new report, The Voice of the Analyst Study, focuses on the human side of the SOC/CIRT to build understanding, share insight, and ultimately empower teams to be the best they can be.

While there is broad acceptance in the industry that SOCs are falling behind in the face of modern data volumes and attack techniques, until now, no one has dissected all of the daily tasks to identify high-value from low-value. More importantly, we wanted to uncover where security analysts are spending the most time and if that time is producing real value (like stopping attacks). Most research projects in this area survey leadership teams rather than giving the SOC analysts an opportunity to voice their opinions. At Respond we believe in “ground truth," and this led us to launch this new research initiative.

Take a look at a few of the study highlights in the infographic below. The results may surprise you. You can also download the full report and register for the Respond Voice of the Analyst webinar at

If you're a security analyst and would like your voice to be heard, we invite you to take our short Voice of the Analyst post-survey.  We'll publish the collective results monthly on our blog.

Download the Voice of the Analyst Infographic:


Chris Calvert, VP Product Strategy, Co-Founder, Respond Software

Chris Calvert

Chris has over 30 years of experience in defensive information security; 14 years in the defense and intelligence community and 17 years in commercial industry. He has designed, built and managed global security operations centers and incident response teams for eight of the global fortune-50. As he often says, if you have complaints about today’s security operations model, you can partially blame him. It’s from his first-hand experience in learning the limitations of the man vs. data SecOps model that Chris leads product design and strategy for Respond Software.

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