As cybersecurity awareness month is upon us, there’s a lot of cybersecurity companies developing information to educate and advise security operation teams how they can be more efficient in protecting their network. A goal of mine this month was to learn as much as possible on the latest security technologies, cyber-threats and trends within the industry.

One of the most intriguing interviews I have listened to this month was TAG Cybers 7-Part Series with Ed Amoroso, Founder of TAG Cyber, and Mike Armistead, CEO and Co-Founder of Respond Software. The discussion between Mike and Ed covers a wide variety of topics, including enterprise security, industry trends and how Respond Software’s pragmatic approach can dramatically empower security teams – providing teams with additional capacity and efficiency with managed detection and response to defend their network environments.

Our CEO, Mike, is a Cybersecurity veteran – having launched multiple security companies and bringing them to the enterprise level and scale - his track record is quite impressive! I found it compelling listening to Mike discuss how he came up with the idea of Respond Analyst and the problem he was ultimately trying to solve – how security teams cannot process and analyze the high-volume of data that is being generated from their security applications… and it’s only getting more difficult to keep up as attackers become more sophisticated and the data keeps piling up.

Additionally, Mike discusses how Respond Analyst has an immediate impact on your team. Analyzing and monitoring all your security data day-1 it’s installed – leaving your analysts to do what they’re good at, using their creativity for threat hunting and incident response.

If you want to learn how Respond Analyst can improve your team, I recommend listening to their interview!

Planning your 2019 IT budget?

If you are preparing your 2019 cybersecurity budget, TAG Cyber also released their 2019 Enterprise Cyber Security Controls! This publication is a phenomenal resource for anyone who is involved in security buying decisions. This article provides information on emerging technologies that can enhance your security team’s performance!

We are excited to be a part of such an amazing group of cybersecurity companies that are changing the ways security teams defend their network environment!

Tim Wenzlau

Tim Wenzlau is a Product Manager at Respond Software. He is focused on adding skills to the Respond Analyst--continuously improving the Respond Analyst’s intelligence, visibility, awareness, and user experience. Prior to Respond Software, Tim managed and launched a user behavior product and held various roles in corporate development, strategy, and business operations. Tim holds a degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University.

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