Respond Analyst Datasheet

Respond Analyst is the first decision automation system for cybersecurity. With the speed, scale and consistency of modern software, Respond Analyst is ready to go to work, out-of-the-box.

The 2019 TAG Cyber Security Annual: Interviews With Cyber Luminaries Vol. 2

The TAG Cyber Security Annual Volume 2 publication takes a deep-dive into the 50 selected technology vendors that are revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry. Download this publication to read the interview on Mike Armistead, CEO and Co-founder, to learn more about Respond Software and how we address the challenge every security team faces by introducing expert

5 Ingredients to Help Your Security Team Perform at Enterprise Scale

From a security risk perspective, there is no difference between a large enterprise and a mid-size enterprise. There is a difference in having the resources and structure necessary to properly monitor and respond to a threat. Download our “5 Ingredients to Help Your Security Team Perform at Enterprise Scale” eBook for tips on managing an

Respond Software and Palo Alto Networks Joint Solution Brief

Respond Analyst is an artificial intelligence-based, streaming analytics expert system that uses mathematics to determine the likelihood and priority of Palo Alto Networks® threat alerts using evidence specific to each organization. The Respond Analyst autonomously performs the security monitoring, analysis, case building and escalation tasks of a skilled network intrusion security analyst.

Voice of the Analyst Study

The 2017 Cyentia Institute’s “Voice of the Analyst Study” is the first report to give the security analyst a collective voice that reveals new insights about their job. How they spend their time. What they think is most effective. How they view their role.