Ed Amoroso of TAG Cyber Interview with Mike Armistead

In an informative seven part interview (19-min total), Ed Amoroso, founder and CEO of TAG Cyber, interviews tech start-up veteran, Mike Armistead to learn about his fifth, and most recent venture that’s solved, what used to be considered a severe and intractable problem for security teams; processing security data.

Add Capacity to Your Team with a Virtual Analyst

Organizations with smaller security teams and limited resources face the same increasingly complex security threats as larger organizations. Protect your business. The Respond Analyst is a cost-effective way to add front-line analyst capacity to your security team.

A New Kind of Security Analyst from Respond Software

What is Respond Analyst? This short video will introduce you to a revolutionary AI-based expert system that emulates and automates the critical decision-making of a Level-1 security analyst, and relieves analysts from the day-to-day tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on investigating and hunting down real threats.