Respond-Software is #124 on the Cybersecurity Ventures annual ranking of the hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies aka Cybersecurity 500 2018: The Official list. So here goes, “wow”, barely nine months after shipping our first product!?! What would Muhammad Ali say: “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

It’s so refreshing to have a product work and that actually gets to the core of a real security challenge, then do it in an innovative way. It’s humbling in fact. Much of the time, and often in the early days of a tech company, marketing is charged with putting lipstick on a pig.

But I’ve come to learn, in my short time here, that Respond Software solves a real-world problem, analyzing with the ever-growing pile security data, with a whole product solution, The Respond Anaylst. And customers are loving that we solve a giant headache for them, all without creating more headaches in managing the solution. Cybersecurity analysts have plenty of headaches already.  

Plus the coolest thing for me is watching the engineering team, from young 20-somethings to older-than-50-somethings working side by side, making a great product and making my marketing job easy. Hats off to the product team….I’ll take #124.


Julie Greene

Marketing Communications Director for Respond Software.

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