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Is Security Analyst Burnout Increasing the Risk of a Breach?

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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"Highly stressed workers are far more likely to be disengaged and ultimately quit.
In an industry already plagued by a skills shortage,
this is a significant risk to businesses…” 

Chris Buarer, Director of Innovation at the University of London

Reported by ZDNet

According to a recent report published by the University of London and Symantec, almost two-thirds of security professionals reported that they’ve considered either leaving their jobs or the industry altogether.

Is the cybersecurity industry doing enough to address this problem?  With low morale and burnout, have we actually increased the opportunity for bad actors to infiltrate our organizations?

It’s time to change the status quobut CISOs and organizations have an extra challenge with legacy tools and processes that just don’t keep pace with the persistent cyber attacks led by bad actors across the globe.


"There are too many tools – it's very hard to upskill in many environments because they have this smorgasbord of security tools which has grown over time over 20 years. If you compare that to the criminals,
they're using far fewer tools."

Darren Thomson, EMEA CTO at Symantec told ZDNet.

But what if CISOs and security professionals could tackle both problems head-on? Can security professionals simplify the tech stack while also decreasing the burdens placed on their security teams?  We are here to tell you that yes, there is a way.

Robotic Decision Automation (RDA) software for security operations is the ideal technology to overcome both of these challenges.    This new category of software solves a major pain point for security teams by monitoring the tsunami of data across streaming across the networks in real-time.  With the right RDA software, data can be analyzed in a fraction of the time, and expert decisions can be relied on to act quickly.

RDA in practice: The Respond Analyst software uses RDA principals to act as a 'virtual expert' with the judgement and reasoning of a seasoned human analyst.  The Respond Analyst monitors, analyzes, decides, and learns with the scale, speed, and depth of consistent analysis found only in software—ultimately alleviating security team burnout.   The Respond Analyst also provides near-instant ROI, which means analysts get to the business of stopping threats faster and can stop wasting meaningful time on mundane tasks and legacy processes.

RDA software empowers CISOs to bring security operations into the modern era by breaking legacy operating models.  The Respond Analyst simplifies the security tech stack and improves analyst job satisfaction by arming SecOps teams with the right software to work smarter, not harder.

Learn more about the Respond Analyst and Robotic Decision Automation.