CB Insights Recognizes We’re Well on Our Way to Transforming Cybersecurity

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
category Company
tags Cyber Security, SOC

CB Insights just identified Respond Software (that’s us) as one of 29 early- to mid-stage high-momentum companies who are pioneering technology that may well transform cybersecurity. We were placed in the “autonomous watchdog” category and we agree that we’re well-positioned to transform this space; particularly security operations.

If you don’t know, we’re on a mission to radically improve the decision-making capability and capacity of security operations. In fact, we have patent-pending technology we call the Respond Analyst, which can automatically analyze, reason and make good decisions about threats just like that of a highly-skilled security analyst—but with far greater accuracy than any human could pull off given its ability to quickly sift through mountains of security data.

If you’re interested, get the CB Insights report where they dig into 14 categories shaping cybersecurity innovation this year, and also take look at the other 28 cybersecurity startups. Then give us a call at 833-737-7661, and we can talk about how we can transform your security operations for the future, today.