CEO Talks with Investment Firm Foundation Capital About Why He Launched Respond Software, A Disruptive Cybersecurity Tech Company

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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Join Paul Holland, Managing Partner at Foundation Capital and Mike Armistead, CEO/Co-Founder at Respond Software, for the first Foundation Capital CEO talk about why Mike was inspired to launch his latest venture, Respond Software, with a core team of cybersecurity experts bringing over 100 years of combined experience in building security operation centers, developing security applications and enterprise software.

With threats like ransomware and nation states, enterprise security breaches are growing exponentially with no end in sight. In fact, there are two megatrends putting an incredible strain on enterprises today: The avalanche of inbound data coupled with the massive security personnel shortage, or as Mike describes as “The Gap.” Mike states, "It’s a gap that demands a rethink about how we’re even approaching the problem.”

Mike goes on to discuss Respond’s revolutionary software approach to filling “The Gap” by emulating the decision-making and judgment provided by a skilled security analyst.  Further, he clarifies that Respond is designed to assist – not replace -- the security analysts by automating the mind-numbing console monitoring tasks and therefore enabling analysts to focus on deeper investigation and hunting down the bad guys.

Paul mentions, “I love the analogy of a 'Self-Driving SOC' and what’s great is that you guys are deploying the best of AI and machine learning, not to put a bunch of people out of work, but to solve a huge pain point in the enterprise, which is that we need hundreds of thousands of workers in security.  And you guys will fill that gap with Respond Software.”