Tim Wenzlau | August 22, 2018

Accenture innovation awards: cybersecurity top 25

The 25 leading innovations consist of a diverse batch of cutting-edge concepts, developed by pioneers in our eight global themes. With these innovations that are reshaping our world and unlocking new value, we are looking forward to the final stages of this amazing journey. Tune in to find out if Respond Software is named number one!

Tim Wenzlau | August 21, 2018

Report: Mid-sized businesses lose more to cybercrime than large or small ones

A new report on cybercrime shows mid-market companies — 500 to 999 employees — experience greater losses than smaller or larger ones. Read what Chris Calvert, a CyberSecurity expert and Co-Founder of Respond Software, Inc. has to think about the report!

Tim Wenzlau | July 27, 2018

5 ways small security teams can defend like Fortune 500 companies

With a mixture of old- and new-school approaches and technologies — your security team can perform like a much larger organization.

Tim Wenzlau | July 6, 2018

Is vulnerability management now out of our control?

Chris Calvert, VP of Product Strategy and Co-Founder of Respond Software, explains the paradigm of vulnerability management and what organizations need to do if they want to have any chance of patching a vulnerability, by becoming more aware of where their assets are and what condition they are in. As the number of assets increase, the types of vulnerabilities are also growing.

Tim Wenzlau | June 8, 2018

Cybersecurity Threats: 7 Steps to Help Protect Your Company from Malware

Chris Calvert, Co-founder and VP of Product Strategy, discusses the necessary steps organizations and individuals need to take to protect their network and devices from malicious malware attacks.

Tim Wenzlau | May 21, 2018

Cybersecurity 500

Respond Software has been acknowledged as one of the world’s hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies to watch in 2018.