Customers of our MSSP partners who have deployed the Respond Analyst see:

  • 10x reduction in security incidents that need incident response
  • 24×7 security monitoring without hiring more analysts
  • More accuracy
  • Higher productivity
  • Time saved NOT investigating false positives
  • Reduced pressure on the team
  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency in incident response activities

CyberPeak Solutions

Cyberpeak Solutions helps organizations optimize their current cybersecurity products so they can realize a full return on investment. Once optimized you will have a clear picture of gaps and needs to ensure new purchases are targeted and strategic. We bring clarity to your security gaps and stop the constant cycle of needing to purchase new solutions.



Cyber risk is hard to explain, difficult to see, and expensive to manage for MSPs. SKOUT makes it easy to see your risk, makes cyber affordable, and we help MSPs sell it. SKOUT is a cloud-native, streaming data analytics platform built to deliver effective and affordable cybersecurity products for SMBs, delivered through MSPs.

CyberPeak Solutions: A New Breed of MSSP


By leveraging the best of human capital and technology by automating Tier 1 security analyst capabilities, CyberPeak is helping customers generate a return on innovation. Read the full case study to learn more.