Introducing Mike Armistead, Security Technology Veteran — Chapter 1

Introducing Mike Armistead, Security Technology Veteran — Chapter 1


Ed Amoroso

Mike Armistead

Hi, I’m Ed Amoroso from TAG cyber and I’m here with my friend Mike Armistead who is the CEO and co-founder of Respond Software, a Cyber-Security company that does some really interesting work. Thanks for coming by Mike. It’s a nice day in New York City! Tell us a little bit about yourself, I’ve known you for a while now and I know you’re a veteran, but tell us about yourself and how you came to Respond?

You can tell I’m a veteran — the experience is showing a little bit more these days. Yeah this is a startup number five all within tech business. The last one I was in, I was a co-founder of Fortify – an application security and that’s where you and I got to know each other. The latest one is Respond Software. In between that time, after Fortify got acquired by HP, I was fortunate enough to not only work with the Fortify business, but the former ArcSight business. So I’ve got a good background in security operations.

You’ve been associated with some iconic products and brands. You must be doing something right!

I hope so, but I don’t think it’s got to do with me …when we started Fortify it was a new thing. You didn’t do application security and it wasn’t on everyone’s mind.

I think those are the places I look too. I want to really help people and it’s not always in the obvious place. It sometimes has to do something that the world kind of needs, but may not be the fastest path towards something is going to blow the world apart.

Does that require ears on the ground? Understanding trends? You must be good at predicting where things are heading to build successful tech companies.

Best thing about being able to maybe navigate that is to have friends that are very knowledgeable and intelligent, people like you that help with that. I’ve had some great co-founders and people I’ve worked with.

I think it’s really about the practice of listening to what customers are saying. Not so much what they want at that immediate time, but a lot of it’s just knowing what frustrations they have and then trying to think a little bit outside-the-box about what you could do to help them over that. I think that’s a lot of it.