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Bringing Cutting-Edge Security Automation to the Enterprise: Respond Software’s New Partnership with SecureNation

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, SecureNation is an industry-leading reseller and cybersecurity solution provider. It’s a small business, with the agility and personal touch you’d expect from a company of that size. The leadership team is highly experienced and is driven by a tireless commitment to their guiding mission: to provide clients with the best possible solution at the best possible price.

SecureNation’s clients benefit from the company’s longstanding relationships with vendors, from its dedication to honesty and transparency, and from its efforts to create a level playing field for procurement. Their customers include some of the world’s largest enterprises.

“We’re like matchmakers,” says Jon Davis, the CEO and founder of SecureNation. “We have the connections and experience to be able to offer our clients the capabilities they need, whenever and wherever they need them. We negotiate with manufacturers to give our clients room for more.”

“Our objective is for everyone to be happy,” adds Rachel Arnold, Client Relationship Specialist. “We want happy customers and happy vendors, and we want to help them forge strong and long-lasting partnerships.”

SecureNation’s vendor-agnostic approach enables it to be objective when it comes to matching its clients with the solutions and services that truly fit their individual needs. “We’re a pure reseller,” says Davis. “Services companies spend millions of dollars certifying their engineers on particular solutions, and once they’ve done so, they’re incentivized to sell those, regardless of whether or not they’re best for the customers. We can keep our customers’ actual needs front and center at all times.”

SecureNation always strives for a deep understanding of the key challenges its clients face so that it can offer them the right technology while saving them money, and Respond Software’s intelligent automated security monitoring and incident discovery solution, the Respond Analyst, is a natural fit—one that’s poised to resolve some of the most pressing challenges SecureNation’s enterprise customers currently face. That’s why SecureNation is proud to announce its new partnership with Respond Software.

“The Respond Analyst takes software’s role in the security operations workflow to a whole new level,” says Davis. “There aren’t really other solutions out there that do what it does. The company doesn’t have any true competitors.”

Talent shortage and employee turnover are major stumbling blocks for enterprise cybersecurity programs

Founded over a decade ago, SecureNation has seen cybersecurity come into the mainstream. In the industry’s early days, compliance requirements drove many organizations’ investments into technologies and infrastructure, and many security professionals came from military backgrounds. “Cybersecurity is a high-growth industry right now, but we’re in it for the long haul,” says Davis. “We’re running a marathon, not a sprint.”

Today, the vast majority of enterprise-grade cybersecurity programs face the same fundamental challenge: talent is in short supply. The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals far outstrips their availability. And once hired, the average security analyst’s tenure is troublingly short—leaving enterprises with an ongoing need to recruit and train new hires, an onerous and expensive process. At the same time, incident response (IR) teams have far too much to do. They face an endless barrage of alerts, the majority of which are false positives, and often must tune down their network security sensors simply to manage the alert volume.

“In reality, very few enterprise-grade companies are satisfied with their incident response teams,” says Davis. “Teams are overwhelmed, and yet they need to be able to respond quickly or else the organization risks downtime or revenue loss. It’s a near-impossible situation.”

Respond Software steps in with a unique solution

“Especially right now, everybody’s short-staffed,” says Davis. “The Respond Analyst is a valuable stepping stone for any organization that’s looking to improve its security posture,” explains Arnold. “Considering how difficult it is to find qualified professionals in the cybersecurity field, it’s something that organizations looking to build security operations programs from the ground up should definitely look at.”

“We’re excited to be able to offer the Respond Analyst to our clients,” says Arnold. “Not only can it be the perfect fit for organizations where other solutions don’t meet their needs but Respond Software makes resources and team members available for ongoing support and ensures that all the pieces come together.”

The SecureNation team believes that the Respond Analyst can play an important role in security operations programs that are young, growing, or looking to shift employees into more strategic, higher-value roles. “It’s always tough to build a security operations program that has a culture that’s so strong and supportive that employees want to stay for the long haul,” says Davis. “The Respond Analyst can help incoming security analysts beef up their skills quickly so that they can perform their job duties right out of the gate,” he adds. “And down the line, it means that security operations programs can assign their employees more complex, challenging, and creative responsibilities. It’s helping to develop talent in place.”

Another draw of the Respond Analyst for SecureNation’s enterprise clients is its reliability and availability. “It’s always there, and it’s always on,” says Arnold. “It’s like being able to give them all the full-time employees they need, with the level of expertise they’re looking for.”

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