Provide effective, scalable 24x7 security monitoring for ICS and IT environments

Cyberattacks on energy companies have become more sophisticated, as attacks occur both to IT systems and increasingly to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that monitor the processes and machinery used in power generation and distribution. Ensuring security with the increased convergence of IT and Operational Technology (OT) environments is challenging. Respond Software helps organizations build out effective 24×7 monitoring capabilities for IT and OT environments while freeing security analysts from staring at screens.


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The Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine Data Sheet

The Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine, is the first decision automation system for cybersecurity. With the speed, scale and consistency, the Respond Analyst is ready to go to work, out-of-the-box.


Find more incidents and respond faster

The Respond Analyst receives events and makes decisions in real time. It can look at millions of alerts across multiple telemetries to reveal attacks that would take a human hours, if not days or at all.


Consolidate security monitoring across your ICS and IT environments

There is already a limited population of security analysts, but there is an even smaller population who can triage the combination of cyber and operational threats. IT security analysts cannot monitor an OT network without understanding how the ICS systems function normally and how they can be exploited. Respond Software has partnered with ForeScout’s SecurityMatters to provide automated monitoring, decision making, and triage of network intrusions within ICS environments. The Respond Analyst monitors both your OT and IT environments, so it is able to identify threats crossing that boundary, providing an earlier warning, and increased visibility into the earlier stages of the attack.


Scale your security monitoring 24×7 without hiring

The Respond Analyst provides automated monitoring and triage, without requiring you to hire, train, and operate a team of security analysts. You’re providing detailed, vetted incidents almost immediately. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shift changes or when team members take days off.


Eliminate coding, rules and upkeep while reducing false positives

Your SIEM and SOAR projects require constant care and feeding. The Respond Analyst works out-of-the-box and doesn’t require any investment on your side in security operations engineering. Tune up your sensors to find more events, and we’ll scope the incidents, giving you less false positives which you or your clients would normally have to chase down.

How to Build an Effective & Efficient SOC

With Chris Calvert, VP of Product Strategy & Co-founder

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