A cyber security solution that works for you vs. you working for it

Breaches usually don’t happen during normal business hours. But expanding monitoring and analysis coverage means hiring more people, dealing with shift changes and inconsistencies. And 24×7 monitoring with an MSSP means you get woken up to spend a few hours chasing down false positives.

When high-volume, time-consuming event analysis is managed by machines with lightning-fast computing power, your team can focus on specific threats to your organization without losing momentum.


  • No shift changes, no breaks and no days off
  • Deep analysis across all security data
  • 10x deeper analysis than human analyst

Better Decisions, Faster

  • Analyzes data as it streams
  • Reduces time to response
  • Provides detailed, vetted security incidents for response

Instant Value

  • Ready to begin work like an experienced analyst on day 1
  • No lengthy set ups, configurations or learning modes
  • Roughly 1/3 the cost of 24×7 MSSP monitoring

The Respond Analyst at Work

Challenge: A large regional financial services company had three SOC analysts, two incident responders and utilized an MSSP for level 1 and off-hours monitoring. They weren’t comfortable with the time that elapsed from detection to response, and weren’t confident with the effectiveness of their current approach.

Results: They added the Respond Analyst to the mix, adding the equivalent of 11 analysts working 24/7.

1. 50% reduction in outsourced costs with core telemetry monitored by the Respond Analyst
2. Reduced time between detection and response
3. Increased level of confidence in security program effectiveness

Customer Story:

Reducing Outsourced Costs in Security by 50%


Events analyzed over 30 days


Incidents per week


Accuracy of escalations



Putting the Respond Analyst to Work

The Respond Analyst can start working for you and deliver ROI on day one. Download our onboarding infographic to see how it works, right out of the box.