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As healthcare professionals increasingly rely on mobile devices to serve their patients, security operations teams struggle to keep sensitive and critical medical information secure. Regulations such as HIPAA, also add pressure on security operations teams to ensure that appropriate measures are exercised for compliance. At the same time, threats to patient information in the form of unsecured mobile devices, IoT exploits and ransomware are growing at a rapid pace. The Respond Analyst detects incidents faster and more accurately across networks, endpoints and web filters leveraging company context and threat intel.


Download the Respond Analyst Technical White Paper

Respond Analyst Technical White Paper

The Respond Analyst's proprietary intelligent decision engine provides built-in reasoning and judgment to make better security decisions, faster.  Read this white paper to learn about the architecture of the Respond Analyst.


Automate monitoring, detection and triage

The Respond Analyst automates the monitoring, detection and triage of alerts that are generated from existing security sensors to keep medical information protected. The Respond Analyst accomplishes this by correlating complex patterns across endpoints, networks, company context and threat intel to detect threats that results in decreased attacker dwell time.


Move to 24×7 monitoring

Unlike a human analyst, the Respond Analyst does not require a break, never fatigues and is consistent 100% of the time. This means you find the hard-to-find incidents while reducing the chances of escalating any false positives. The Respond Analyst monitors security operations 24×7 freeing up analysts’ time for important tasks such as threat hunting and remediation.

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Scale to meet enterprise demands

The Respond Analyst scales to the largest enterprise environments allowing you to keep your existing security sensors tuned to the highest level. That means all of the alerts your sensors generate are available to provide accurate escalation of only real incidents. The more data that is monitored by the Respond Analyst, the better the results.


Reduce security monitoring costs

The Respond Analyst’s intelligence is built into the solution and is available right out-of-the-box. That means you do not need to create playbooks, rules or scripts, or even hire additional engineers to maintain it over time. The Respond Analyst is  plug-and-play and able to deliver a quick ROI for cost-conscience organizations.

How to Build an Effective & Efficient SOC

With Chris Calvert, VP of Product Strategy & Co-founder

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