Provide more effective, scalable 24x7 security monitoring at a fraction of the cost

Security operations teams on campus are responsible for protecting the data and online interactions of students, faculty, staff, alumni and distance learners 24 hours a day, seven days per week. With so many accounts to protect and data to secure, higher education centers are looking for cybersecurity solutions that automate the process of detection, while scaling to meet this demand and volume.


Customer Success Story

Always looking to innovate, their Deputy CISO deployed the Respond Analyst to ease staff workload. His team now has a critical advantage when seconds count.

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Expand to 24x7x365 coverage

The Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine, automates the analysis and triage of network and endpoint security data to make escalation decisions with the finesse and expert judgment of a human, but at machine speed. The Respond Analyst never takes a break or goes on vacation, so university security operations teams can expand coverage to 24x7x365.


Reduce false positives

When high-volume, time-consuming event analysis is managed by machines with lightning-fast computing power, your team can focus on specific threats to your organization without chasing false positives. Now you can use your time to hunt real threats and remediate security issues.


Reduce security monitoring costs

With the Respond Analyst, intelligence is built into the solution and is available right out-of-the-box. That means you do not need to create playbooks, rules or scripts or hire additional engineers to maintain it over time. The Respond Analyst is essentially plug-and-play delivering a quick ROI for cost-conscience organizations.


Implement student training opportunities

Because the Respond Analyst only escalates critical security incidents while weeding out false positives, it can be used as a training tool to help analysts stay focused on learning the security functions that matter most—threat hunting, incident response, engineering and automating workflows. In some cases, university security operations centers can leverage the Respond Analyst for students that are interested in learning about cybersecurity.


What people are saying...

“Now our security analysts are in a better position because they’re working with escalations that are more relevant. We don’t waste time triaging incidents that are ultimately false positives.”

– Aaron Baillio, Deputy CISO at the University of Oklahoma

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