Cybersecurity can’t sleep.

Most organizations are strapped with key security monitoring talent overworked and distracted. And, human security analysts can’t keep up with the endless stream of security alerts as it is. Hire a Respond Analyst and get consistent 24×7 coverage with no false positives, all for the cost of a single analyst. Offload tedious, time-intensive tasks to expert-trained network security monitoring and triage software. Get the help you need for scalable security event investigation out-of-the-box (no security engineering, coding or rules creation required). Sign up now, and we will have your Respond Analyst running and ready to review security events in 24 hours.


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ESG Technical Review of The Respond Analyst: The Virtual Security Analyst

There is no shortage of declarations for revolutionary approaches to threat protection. On one thing that the security community can agree: automation is essential.
This is why the latest Technical Review from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is so important. The paper identifies how the Respond Analyst architecture functions as a virtual cybersecurity analyst. ESG details how the Respond Analyst manages a variety of automation decision models, including telemetry by sensor type, activity and incident profile.

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  • Automates monitoring, analysis, and triage of security events
  • No playbook writing required
  • Integrations directly into ServiceNow, Splunk Phantom, and Palo Alto Networks XSOAR (formerly Demisto)


  • By providing the estimated number of endpoints to monitor, we can ensure that the Respond Analyst scales with the deployment.
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