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Autonomous Trucking & SOC Automation: Just Keep Truckin’ On

Dan Lamorena
by Dan Lamorena
category Security Operations

It is not often that the challenges in the transportation industry mirror that of cybersecurity, but per a study by the American Trucking Association, there is an increasing shortage of long-haul truck drivers in the US that is currently 63,000 and expected to reach 174,000 by 2026.

The shortage of cybersecurity talent is well known and a higher scale:  according to nonprofit IT security organization (ISC)² (via, “there are 2.93 million cybersecurity positions open and unfilled around the world.”

In an article on Forbes, Respond Software’s CEO, Mike Armistead discusses how autonomous trucking will improve safety and reduce costs for transportation companies and lays out a process for automation that will deliver greater effectiveness and cost savings in your Security Operation Center.  Check out the article, then come back here and get more details on how to do it in an upcoming webinar by Chris Calvert – How to build an Effective and Efficient SOC.  Keep truckin’!