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Kyriba Builds World-Class Fintech Security Program with a Lean and Nimble Team—and Help from the Respond Analyst

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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Companies offering international financial services are required to meet the world’s most stringent regulatory compliance and data privacy standards in order to ensure their customers’ data and money are being handled securely. This is the case for Kyriba, an award-winning global treasury management solution provider delivering cloud-based cash management systems to over 2,000 companies around the world.

Kyriba is headquartered in San Diego, California, but also has offices in New York, Paris, and Tokyo, as well as in the U.K. and Singapore. Their customers hail from China, Latin America, and many other countries and regions. Wherever transactions take place between banks and large customers, Kyriba has a presence, and wherever Kyriba has a presence, it must meet all local and international financial regulatory compliance requirements.

It's a tall order, but Kyriba’s leadership, including Eric Adams, Chief Information Security Officer, and Kevin Bailey, visionary director of the company’s Cyber Defense Center in San Diego, have long been deeply committed to building a world-class, enterprise-grade security program, and doing so intelligently and efficiently.

Leveraging the power of the cloud, the strength of integrations, and the intelligence of automation

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company itself, Kyriba always turns to the cloud first when seeking to meet its own technology needs. Running eight different security services, most of which are SaaS offerings, gave Kyriba deep monitoring and coverage capabilities while simplifying management and reducing costs. Their team decided to add the Respond Analyst to this security solution stack so that they could offload monitoring and triaging duties to their new automated partner—allowing them to be sure that each of the approximately nine billion events their tools and systems were generating each month would be paid the appropriate amount of attention.

Since implementing the Respond Analyst, Bailey’s team has grown more self-assured. They know their security monitoring is truly comprehensive, and the coverage is deep. “Today we have an overarching sense of confidence in the fact that these events are all being looked at,” says Bailey. “We don’t have any fears that we’re missing things anymore. It’s given our team a huge boost in morale.”

For Kyriba, one of the Respond Analyst’s chief benefits was the ease with which it could be integrated with their existing cloud-based security resources. Kyriba installed the Respond Analyst in its AWS instance, and feeds it data directly from their Splunk implementation, which is hosted in Splunk’s AWS instance. It’s a direct cloud-to-cloud framework, which is ideal for a cloud-first organization like Kyriba, since it simplifies management, reduces costs, and improves security.

Empowering security analyst teams to work better, faster, and smarter

Today Kyriba’s lean, nimble, and agile security team has successfully achieved 24/7 coverage of their complex worldwide information technology ecosystem. They’re able to draw on the decision-making expertise of some of the foremost experts in cybersecurity to triage every one of more than 35,000 security events a day, knowing that the Respond Analyst will be applying the same logic consistently at all times of day and night.

Early in the process of deployment, Bailey’s team conducted an internal red team exercise to test the Respond Analyst’s ability to identify anomalous or potentially malicious behavior in their environment. The software passed the test with flying colors. “From that point on, I think we felt pretty confident that the things it was going to escalate were all things that we legitimately needed to take a second look at,” explains Bailey. “We could tell the Respond Analyst knew what it was doing, and knew what to look for.”

Highly skilled and experienced security analysts are in short supply and high demand in today’s job market. By offloading routine monitoring tasks to the Respond Analyst, Kyriba has been able to create a more pleasant working environment for its security staff. “Analysts want to be sure they’re making a difference,” says Bailey. “They want to know they’re doing work that matters. With the Respond Analyst, life is easier because the repetitive, mundane work has been done for them. What they look at are things they know they should be paying attention to.” Overall, this leads to more cognitive engagement and a greater sense of job satisfaction among analysts—along with greater security for the environment as a whole.

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