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How to Quickly Maximize the Value of Your Cortex Data Lake with the Respond Analyst

Mike Reynolds
by Mike Reynolds
category Cybersecurity Analysis

Last May, Respond Software announced the availability of the Respond Analyst for Cortex, a new app that integrates with the Palo Alto Cortex Data Lake. The Respond Analyst for Cortex monitors, analyzes and provides expert judgement on data collected by Cortex resulting in the escalation of only real security incidents, while nearly eliminating all false positives.

The Respond Analyst for Cortex enables you to use security operations center software to:

  • Stop chasing false positives
  • Widen your aperture –don’t filter your Cortex data
  • Hunt threats and investigate real incidents
  • Reduce attacker dwell time

If you are interested in pulling even more value out of your Cortex Data Lake, you need to get the app today! Simply go to the Palo Alto Market Place and click ‘Activate.’

Once you click on ‘activate,’ you will receive a “Welcome” letter from Respond Software that includes the steps to prepare for your new “virtual analyst.” Here are the preparation steps included in the welcome letter:

If your Respond Analyst will be monitoring Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) data, make a list of your organization’s IP address spaces and be prepared to upload the list in the context management section after logging in to the Respond Analyst security operations center software for the first time.

After activation and logging in, navigate to the context management section and provide relevant context about your organization to improve and tune results.

It’s that easy!  Now that you are ready, within 24 hours you will receive an activation email that looks like this:

Click on the email, and you will receive a one-time login link.

Whether you are convinced or not, go to the Palo Alto Networks Cortex app portal and see for the value of the Respond Analyst app for yourself. The app can be used on a 30-day trial basis with no obligation or risk to you.

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