Respond Software Accelerates Cybersecurity Investigations with its XDR Engine, the Respond Analyst

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa

Latest Release Delivers Investigation Power at Machine-Speed in the Fight Against Cybercrime with Industry’s Broadest Range of Integrated Security Tools & Models


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – September 22, 2020 – Respond Software, the cybersecurity investigation automation company, marks a new milestone in innovation with the latest release of its Extended Detection & Response (XDR) Engine, the Respond Analyst. By applying Integrated Reasoning, the Respond Analyst unifies disparate and siloed security technologies, connecting relevant evidence in cybersecurity investigations with the following new functionality:

  • Broadest Range of Sensors: The Respond Analyst XDR Engine analyzes and correlates data from more than 65 different security sensors and IT devices and within seconds creates comprehensive, well-formed investigations that are ready for remediation.
  • Attack Modeling for Lateral Movement: It is nearly impossible for security analysts to stitch together various data sources in real-time to identify attacker lateral movement. In this newly released attack investigation model, the Respond Analyst XDR Engine applies data from EDR and EPP solutions in conjunction with Microsoft Active Directory to find accounts that have likely been compromised and where adversaries are attempting to expand their reach.
  • MITRE ATT&CK Scoping: The Respond Analyst XDR Engine illustrates the scope of an incident and its potential impact by mapping the MITRE ATT&CK framework to results.

Delivering investigation power at unprecedented speed and accuracy for more than 100 customers, the Respond Analyst is the industry’s most proven, vendor-agnostic XDR solution.

Aidan Kehoe, CEO, Skout Cybersecurity, added: "The Respond Analyst XDR Engine is a powerful automation tool for security investigations, which helps us deliver a world-class cybersecurity service for our MSP customers. It's AI foundation connects the dots among suspicious events from a wide range of vendors without flooding customers with security alerts that end up being false positives."

Modern SecOps with the Respond Analyst

The Respond Analyst meets the challenges of security operations with the following benefits:

  • Open: The only XDR solution that delivers rich analytics across the broadest support of vendors, telemetries, threat intelligence and data repositories on the market.
  • Intelligent: Armed with built-in data science and mathematical probability models, the Respond Analyst requires no tuning, content writing, playbooks, coding or maintenance.
  • Simple: Cloud-native, the Respond Analyst deploys in hours, generating faster time-to-value and constantly learning from the environment in real-time.

Mike Armistead, Co-Founder and CEO, Respond Software, said: “It’s no secret that security leaders rely on a multitude of vendors and best-of-breed tools to help defend their enterprise. Our XDR Engine gives them the flexibility to extend detection and response beyond a single vendor’s toolset while still receiving the value of advanced analytics that stitch together events and alerts to determine whether malicious and actionable incidents are occurring. What you get are the benefits of data science out-of-the-box -- making teams more effective by performing initial cybersecurity investigations at scale, with speed and consistency.”

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