Respond Software Experiences Explosive Growth on Its Mission to Add Expert Capacity to Cybersecurity Teams Everywhere

Tim Wenzlau
by Tim Wenzlau

New Robotic Decision Automation software gives resource-strapped security teams
the equivalent of 14 security experts with the Respond Analyst.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—February 6, 2019Respond Software, innovators in Robotic Decision Automation software, today announced it grew customer acquisition 6Xs year-over-year in 2018. Additionally, its flagship product, the Respond Analyst, delivered the equivalent of 14 full-time security expert analysts on average to every Respond Software customer’s security team last year. The Respond Analyst’s ability to deploy quickly and increase the capacity of security teams appealed to a wide array of customers, including companies representing financial services, healthcare, construction, telecommunications, gaming, retail and higher education industries.

“Adding the equivalent of 14 human analysts with just one ‘virtual analyst’ (the Respond Analyst) frees up our team from tedious and time-intensive threat monitoring by providing 24x7 support and detection of potential risks,” said Aaron Baillio, Deputy CISO, University of Oklahoma. “Now, we feel more secure and rest easier knowing that our networks and customer data have another layer of protection. The Respond Analyst immediately processed more data than our team could manage manually and alerted us to a few critical incidents that we were able to act on right away.”

The Respond Analyst is deployed in numerous Fortune 500 Companies with large Security Operation Centers (SOCs), as well as resource-constrained mid-enterprise companies nationwide.

"We thought we had only two options when considering Security Operations—building an in-house Security Operations Center (SoC) or outsourcing to a managed security service provider (MSSP). Then we came across Respond Software,” said Eddie Magardomyan, Director of Infrastructure and Security, Operating Engineers Funds, Inc. “Deploying the Respond Analyst is a better option for us. We get reliable, consistent 24x7 monitoring and triage at less than half the cost of a MSSP."

Businesses and their security operations struggle to keep pace with an overwhelming amount of security alerts generated in ever-changing IT and threat environments. A new class of software, Robotic Decision Automation (RDA), automates deep human analytical reasoning in easily deployed packages to help CISOs extend the capacity of their understaffed, frontline security teams. With built-in expert judgement delivered via “Decision Bots,” teams become vastly—by orders of magnitude—more effective with faster, more accurate decisions about the likelihood of security incidents, which leads to quicker, more informed responses. RDA products, such as the Respond Analyst, enable large teams to better allocate resources across reactive and proactive security tasks, help small teams extend their capabilities to 24/7/365 and empower every team to monitor and triage security events at unprecedented speed, scale and consistency.

“Customers across industries realize they need a new class of product to address the overwhelming avalanche of alerts and severe shortage of skilled analysts to adequately defend their enterprises, within reasonable budgets,” said Mike Armistead, CEO, Respond Software. “We believe that new technology built on RDA is the future. With the Respond Analyst, we address the frontline security analyst skills shortage and provide immediate results that fill a much-needed demand for overburdened security teams. It’s time to level the playing field between attackers and protectors.”

In 2018, Respond Software also achieved the following:

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Respond Software delivers near-instant return on investment to organizations in their battle against cyber-crime. As a leader in the emerging class of automated software known as Robotic Decision Automation (RDA), Respond Software is working to address the critical shortage of skilled security analysts impacting security teams of all sizes. Its patented intelligent decision engine, PGO®, uniquely combines human expert judgement with the scale and consistency of software to dramatically increase capacity and improve monitoring and triage capabilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house or outsourced personnel. Respond Software was founded in 2016 by security and software industry veterans and services customers across critical infrastructure sectors such as banking, energy, and retail.