Respond Software Introduces Respond Analyst™ 2.0

Tim Wenzlau
by Tim Wenzlau

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—DECEMBER 18, 2017Respond Software, the industry leader in security expert systems announces enhanced capability for its’ Respond Analyst™. Respond Analyst 2.0 for Network Intrusion is the first software system that emulates the judgment and reasoning of experienced security analysts, adding capabilities and capacity at a dramatically lower cost than additional staffing or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) outsourcing.

The 2.0 release expands the Respond Analysts capability with Dynamic Scoping & Prioritization that autonomously re-evaluates each incident and adjusts recommendations based on new security event data attributes, at a speed and scale that is unattainable by human analysts. The Respond Analyst 2.0 also adds IPS Signature Management, integration with Cyber Threat Intelligence platforms that support STIX/TAXII and improvements to case management integration.

“Respond Analyst is truly a practical expert system—tackling the diagnosis of malicious and actionable situations from high volume Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS/IPS) alerts and a company’s contextual dataThese new features further enable the Respond Analyst to supply incident response teams with well-vetted, actionable incidents.” Izak Mutlu, former CISO,

The best security analysts are smart, aware and adapt to new information, feedback and environmental changes. The Respond Analyst combines those attributes into its’ Decision Engine and applies the same decision making logic and context to all security events—without tuning-down or filtering out potentially important event data. Scalable, consistent and transparent processing, prioritization and escalation of actionable security situations enables security teams to focus on response and remediation, eliminating hundreds of hours of monitoring individual events.

“By scoping and prioritizing a security incident dynamically, the Respond Analyst can react to changes in the nature of an attack immediately. This brings a new level of intelligence to the Respond Analyst monitoring capability.” Chris Calvert, VP Product Strategy, Respond Software.

With the expertise and context of a seasoned security analyst, the Respond Analyst escalates vetted security incidents—as opposed to simple alerts—to the security team, providing transparency into its decision process and evidence supporting the escalation. The security team receives the content needed to take action with no extra programming, extensive learning periods or additional data repositories required.

The Respond Analyst works in virtually any security environment; analyzing the events generated by important security data sources. Point the Respond Analyst to your existing infrastructure (such as IPS devices, Hadoop, Splunk, SIEM connectors) and it gathers the data that it needs to make informed decisions deriving far more value for those systems.

About Respond Software

Respond Software delivers near-instant return on investment to organizations in their battle against cyber-crime. As a leader in the emerging class of automated software known as Robotic Decision Automation (RDA), Respond Software is working to address the critical shortage of skilled security analysts impacting security teams of all sizes. Its patented intelligent decision engine, PGO®, uniquely combines human expert judgement with the scale and consistency of software to dramatically increase capacity and improve monitoring and triage capabilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house or outsourced personnel. Respond Software was founded in 2016 by security and software industry veterans and services customers across critical infrastructure sectors such as banking, energy, and retail.


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