Meet Matt Eberhart: Respond Software’s New VP of Global Sales

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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Matt Eberhart

We caught up with Matt just 20 days into his new role to share why he made the leap to join the team and how he plans to expand Respond Software’s global reach.

Matt’s diverse background makes us extremely excited to welcome him to the Respond team.  As a longtime Atlanta resident, his experience as a security practitioner, Global Product Management executive, and a Chief Revenue Officer makes Matt uniquely qualified to keep the customer’s requirements and needs front and center as he grows the business.

Let’s start with a direct question. What gets you excited about Respond Software’s technology?  Oh, and no buzz words...

I’ve lived in the security real-world and seen how teams must limit the amount of data to monitor.  We tune security controls. We write rules to filter out known good and try to zero in on known bad. We narrow our view in an effort to make the bottom of the funnel as small as possible, so our people don’t drown in events. This process leads to a high volume of false positives and basically creates work for the security pro. Now teams are applying automation to the bottom of the funnel to try to reduce the security incident investigation workload and false positives, but the problem is much higher up inside the funnel.

I like that the Respond Analyst is not another tool bolted to the bottom of the funnel. It is a purpose-built software that can handle the volume of raw events, with the aperture open wide, and reason through massive volumes of data to find interesting security incidents. Those incidents are then presented to an analyst with the context and correlation they would expect from a seasoned security expert performing an initial investigation. All without a human having to do anything. It focuses the security team on taking actions to address risk, not investigating false positives and constantly diving back into the funnel to enrich potential security events.

Respond Software provides the first security monitoring technology that can reason like a human and scale to the data volumes of any size organization. It doesn’t replace a security team, it makes them more effective and efficient by focusing them on the activities that are best suited for security pros such as, response, hunting, and managing business risk.

What made you choose to join the Respond Software team?

I believe in the vision and I know the team’s cybersecurity expertise is the best in the business.

Respond Software is intensely focused on the customer’s needs. The Respond Analyst isn’t a better version of current solutions on the market. It’s foundationally different and significantly more effective at analyzing and escalating validated security incidents. When I first saw how the Respond Analyst software utilizes Robotic Decision Automation principles to transform billions of raw events into dozens of highly correlated and enriched security incidents, I was amazed.  Then I was skeptical. But this software is the real deal. I believe it will change the future of the security industry.

I have first-hand experience managing the challenges brought about by legacy models that most security teams employ today. Even with the most advanced security programs, the adversary still has the advantage. I know how frustrating that is for security pros and I want to help change it with a modern approach.

The global shortage of security professionals receives a ton of press, yet many new security solutions create more work for these teams.  The Respond Analyst takes the initial monitoring load off your people by using software and math to gain a measurable advantage, giving your existing team time back. Our security monitoring software reasons like an expert security analyst—monitoring and analyzing streaming data in real-time.  The Respond Analyst learns on the go, doesn’t get tired, gets better with more data, and provides context-rich escalations making our customers’ security teams more focused, efficient, and risk-aware.

It may sound funny, but in my early conversations with our customers, the teams using Respond’s software seem happier. This makes sense because the Respond Analyst frees them up to perform actions that are more rewarding like responding to high-risk incidents or hunting.

Share your vision as VP of Global Sales—how will you accelerate expansion?

Our number one focus will be our customers. As we begin our journey, we are going to focus on customers who are looking for us: the teams that already know they can’t scale their people to meet the growing demand of monitoring events or don’t want their team spending time with tedious frontline monitoring. While Respond Software would add value to any size security team, disrupting the way all companies manage risk needs to be proven over time. Then we will be as common as a firewall.

The world of security technology is incredibly complex and everyone is saying the same thing. We plan to rise above the noise by staying focused on helping customers see more security events across more data without throwing more people at the problem. We aren’t a silver bullet, but we do enable a fundamentally different approach to monitoring security events. Our customers no longer have to follow a legacy, old-school security model—filtering logs, writing detection rules, and using people to investigate events that frequently turn out to be false positives or low risk.

How has your past prepared you to take Respond Software to the next level?

I started out as a security engineer, which gives me perspective on the challenges our customers face. Most of my career has been on the business side of the table, focusing on building and bringing technology solutions to market. Building something new is a journey and I’m a firm believer that innovation should be anchored to specific, hard-to-solve customer challenges. Respond Software has some amazing people and ideas, but the answer isn’t in the Respond Software building. The answers are found by staying connected to our customers—iterating our technology for their specific needs and expanding the value to them.

OK, so finally let’s get to the most important question: Outside of the office, what do you enjoy?

My wife and I have three amazing children that keep us busy. We are an active family and try to spend as much time as possible outdoors, on the water, and playing sports. Wake surfing is a current family favorite. Family comes first and I’m blessed to have an amazing partner on the journey of raising our family.