The challenges of providing managed security services

Delivering security operations for your customers is costly. The security engineering team is constantly working to build the right use cases and content for your customers – with each new customer means more custom tuning and development. How do you scale your offerings to drive more revenue, increase operating margins, and future-proof your business? Can you support the latest security technologies, like cloud and the Endpoint Detection and Response systems that your customers demand?  Can you stay within budget without the need to hire or train new talent?

There’s a new way to drive revenue and margins, without increasing costs.  The Respond Analyst automates detection and remediation activities without the need for additional staffing, tuning, maintenance or playbook writing.

Provide more effective, scalable 24x7 security monitoring at a fraction of the cost


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The Respond Analyst XDR Engine is the first decision automation system for cybersecurity. With the speed, scale and consistency, the Respond Analyst is ready to go to work, out-of-the-box.

Reduce cost and increase margin


A global pandemic may significantly increase threats from bad actors. During this peak activity, the Respond Analyst scales, without impacting your cost structure, as you will not be required to hire, train, and retain more human security analysts. Analysts can then be tasked to support more valuable tasks like threat hunting – removing the need to hire new analysts for that role. Shift change? Day off? No worry. The Respond Analyst monitors your customer’s environment 24x7x365 without a vacation or break. Keeping your costs in check with the Respond Analyst means increased margins for your business.



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TAG Cyber: Transform Your MSP to MSSP

An MSP seeking to transform into an MSSP must do so without any reduction in support and without the need to recruit cybersecurity specialists. This guide will detail methods for an MSP to improve day-to-day security support and enable new security services that generate new revenue.

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Drive new revenue from security monitoring services


Respond Software is your new foundation to provide security monitoring services. With Respond Software as your partner, you no longer have to build a bench of talent to generate new business. When you add a new customer, we immediately help you add telemetry feeds to review alerts. You’re providing detailed, vetted incidents almost immediately. And as the number of alerts from your existing customer base increases, the Respond Analyst automatically scales to seamlessly meet the demand.

Improve customer satisfaction by finding real incidents faster

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The sheer volume of security data generated and analyzed is simply too great for human analysts to monitor accurately and consistently. The Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine, receives events and makes decisions in real-time. It looks at multiple telemetries to find patterns that reveal attacks that would take a human hours if not days. By automating tedious front-line monitoring and scoping tasks, job satisfaction is increased. Your security analysts can now focus on things they would rather be doing to drive your success – like incident response and threat hunting – valuable assignments that will reduce risk and keep your customers happy.

Support the technology and workflows of today - future proof your business for tomorrow


Your customers have a mix of technologies, systems and workflows including SIEM, SOAR, big data, ticketing, pager duty, case management, and more. New technologies are added regularly to keep the environment safe. The Respond Analyst support matrix includes the following technologies:

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP)
Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
Network Incident Detection Systems and Incident Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

Eliminate Coding, Rules and Upkeep While Reducing False Positives

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Your SIEM and SOAR projects require constant care and feeding. The Respond Analyst works out-of-the-box and doesn’t require any investment in security operations engineering. Tune-up your sensors to find more events and the Respond Analyst will scope the incidents, giving you less false positives to chase down, resulting in a better monitoring service and higher customer satisfaction. By automating monitoring operations and services without intensive engineering, margins are increased.

Peter Schawacker
Former Managing Director, AGIO