Provide more effective, scalable 24x7 security monitoring at a fraction of the cost

Your clients demand the best – it’s why they hired you to protect their critical infrastructure. However, traditional approaches to managing a SOC are costly and ineffective. Scaling your business often means additional hiring and you’re already stretched to find great talent, train them up and retain them – and do it within your budget. In addition, your security engineering team is constantly trying to build the right use cases and content for your customers – with each new customer meaning more custom tuning and development. There’s a better way. Reduce your Tier 1 analyst staffing and automate security monitoring. No tuning, content or playbook writing required.


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TAG Cyber: Transform Your MSP to MSSP

In short, the goal should be for the MSP to be transformed into an MSSP, and this must be done without any degradation to existing support. But it also must be done without the need to recruit new staff with cybersecurity skills. Rather, the goal must be to find methods that can improve day-to-day security support for existing customers, while also enabling new for-pay security services that can be added as new offers.

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Find more incidents and respond faster

The sheer volume of security data that organizations create and ingest on a daily basis is simply too great for human analysts to monitor accurately and consistently. The Respond Analyst receives events and makes decisions in real time. It can look at multiple telemetries to find patterns that reveal attacks that would take a human hours if not days. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shift changes or when team members take days off.


Scale with your customers

You won’t have to build a bench so that you can generate new business. With Respond Software as your partner, when you add a new customer, we help you start adding the telemetry feeds and start reviewing alerts. No new hiring and training or sitting personnel costs. You’re providing detailed, vetted incidents almost immediately.



Improve analyst job satisfaction

A security analyst’s job is stressful. Automate tedious front-line monitoring and scoping tasks, so that your analysts can focus on things they would rather be doing like incident response and threat hunting, all while keeping your analysts happy and decreasing risk for your customers.

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Eliminate coding, rules and upkeep while reducing false positives

Your SIEM and SOAR projects require constant care and feeding. The Respond Analyst works out of the box and doesn’t require any investment on your side in security operations engineering. Tune up your sensors to find more events, and we’ll scope the incidents, giving you less false positives which you or your clients would normally have to chase down.

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Respond Software solutions blend powerful, real-time security analysis with automated workflows to deliver field-tested, cloud-secured network security policy management for your hybrid enterprise. See for yourself.

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