Looking for a new take on SIEM? A modern SOC powered by Robotic Decision Automation

"Now our security analysts are in a better position because they’re working with escalations that are more relevant. We don’t waste time triaging incidents that are ultimately false positives."

- Aaron Baillio, deputy CISO, University of Oklahoma

Too many false positives?

Writing SIEM rules is time-consuming and often riddled with errors and inconsistency. The Respond Analyst cybersecurity software integrates seamlessly to your existing SIEM workflow, relying on intelligent decision-bot reasoning, not static sets of rules. When high-volume, time-consuming event analysis is managed by machines with lightning-fast computing power, your team can focus on specific threats to your organization without losing momentum.

Turn your SIEM volume up- Hire the Respond Analyst and get the power of 1000 expert analysts at the cost of one.


In-depth analysis, more manageable investment

Layer the Respond Analyst with your SIEM to get deeper and more consistent analysis coverage across event data without having to build or maintain SIEM content.



3 Steps to Automating Security Operations

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