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The Respond Analyst™

Working at machine speed, the Respond Analyst is the first security expert system that emulates the decision-making ability and judgment of expert security analysts.

A New Kind Of Analyst

Not Just Another Security Platform

The Respond Analyst is a new kind of analyst that automates expertise where it's most valuable - when deciding to escalate an incident or not. Just like a veteran security expert, the Respond Analyst expert system applies the same decision making logic and environmental context to all security events, without tuning-down or filtering out potentially important event data. The Respond Analyst effectively becomes a SOC team member specializing in high-volume, low signal use cases while it learns, adapts and maintains an organization’s tribal knowledge 24 x 7 x 365. And, unlike other solutions, our software doesn't require arduous configuration, months of learning or on-going security engineering to deliver its results.

  • From investigation to scope and case building, the Respond Analyst acts autonomously, escalating fully documented security cases with detailed decision results about the event escalation.

    • Evaluates every event with consistency and scale
    • Groups events into actionable security incidents
    • Builds actionable, detailed cases with decision-making transparency
    • Reprioritizes escalation as attacks progress
    • Integrates with analyst workflow and case management processes
    • Presents cases that detail evidence supporting individual escalations
    • Receives feedback to improve foundational knowledge
    • Builds and maintains tribal knowledge for future investigation application

  • The Respond Analyst - How It Works

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    Get Started. Stop Monitoring and Start Defending

    Expert level Analyst Capability at Machine Scale

    Put the Response Analyst to work in your environment. Eliminate the eyes to glass monitoring of individual security events and put your human analysts to work on defending security incidents. The Respond Analyst for Network Intrusion is ready to get to work in less than 2 hours. No lengthy set-up, scripting or training required. Just point Respond Analyst at your IPS data and you're ready to go!

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