Using the Cortex data lake to collect security data from Palo Alto Networks NGFW and Traps?

The Respond Analyst removes the human analyst’s task of monitoring and triaging individual security alerts. Unlike human analysts, the Respond Analyst performs consistently and at scale, scoping and grouping alerts into vetted security incidents.  Your security team only receives escalations when an incident requires response.

Download and activate the Respond Analyst Cortex App in under a day.  It’s that easy to begin consistent and thorough automated analysis of all of your security data.


Respond Software and Palo Alto Networks Joint Solution Brief

Respond Analyst is an artificial intelligence-based, streaming analytics expert system that uses mathematics to determine the likelihood and priority of Palo Alto Networks® threat alerts using evidence specific to each organization. The Respond Analyst autonomously performs the security monitoring, analysis, case building and escalation tasks of a skilled network intrusion security analyst.

The Respond Analyst app escalates triaged and scoped incidents based on security data from security sensors or Cortex, including but not limited to:

  • Malware beaconing
  • Malware outbreaks
  • Lateral movement through exploitation, and
  • Unauthorized scanning and reconnaissance.

The Respond Analyst app is trained to perform consistent, thorough security analysis at scale — without having to tune down firewall or endpoint data collection. Freeing security teams to do what they like best – defend against the actual threats.

See the Respond Analyst in Action today

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