Redefining the Limits for High-Risk Infrastructure

Peter Schawacker, Managing Director of Cybersecurity Operations at Agio, implemented the Respond Analyst to deliver faster, stronger and more consistent security monitoring into its Managed Detection & Response (MDR) suite.



Partnership between humans and machines is redefining the limits of what's possible in cybersecurity monitoring

Agio works with hedge funds and private equity firms that have little tolerance for cybersecurity risk. The results so far have been impressive, with the Respond Analyst detecting a half dozen attackers and the presence of malware. With the Respond Analyst, Agio’s elite security operations team is providing customers with industry-leading cybersecurity protections that significantly reduce their vulnerabilities.

“No one has been able to quintuple the number of clients that were receiving MDR services in the space of a few months like this. No one has even attempted to, as far as I know. Without the Respond Analyst, it wouldn’t be feasible.”

Peter Schawacker, Managing Director of Cybersecurity Operations at Agio

The Respond Analyst:
a one-of-a-kind solution to industry-wide challenges

Before the partnership with Respond Software, Agio had accepted that there were process imperfections associated with standard security monitoring. For Schawacker, remediation limitations were directly tied to asking human security analysts to perform tasks that are incompatible with human cognition; short-term memory. The Respond Analyst’s intelligent automated decision engine, by contrast, “has virtually limitless recall capacity.”

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