CyberPeak Solutions
A New Breed of MSSP

Travis Abrams, Founder and CEO of CyberPeak Solutions, started the company on the basis of a strong belief in the power of automation and what it can accomplish in cybersecurity operations.  Leveraging the best of human capital and technology by automating Tier 1 security analyst capabilities, CyberPeak is helping customers generate a return on innovation.

Comprehensive Monitoring
Reduces Real Risks

Before onboarding the Respond Analyst for tier 1 monitoring, CyberPeak was leveraging a co-managed services model, limiting the volume of data they were responsible to handle. Now with the Respond Analyst, they can provide as many Tier 1 analysts as necessary, adding a new level of confidence for their clients. In one example, they were able to monitor 104,000 events within one client environment in only a couple of hours; a capability that would not have been possible with staff alone.

“A lack of consistent and reliable security monitoring is a huge problem in the industry, and the Respond Analyst is one of the first solutions I’ve seen that will really be able to help solve it.”

Travis Abrams, Founder and Principal at CyberPeak Solutions