Financial Services Innovator Deploys Decision Automation for 24x7 SecOps

Protecting the sensitive data of clients financing homes for a Fortune 500 home builder is paramount for their industry veteran CISO.  Now with the Respond Analyst, the security team has extended capacity, achieved 24×7 monitoring coverage, and saved hundreds of thousands in prevented breach activity.

Decision Automation
Wins Bake-off

In a side-by-side comparison, the Respond Analyst proved to be more efficient than their traditional SIEM. No longer chasing unactionable alerts, each analyst now saves at least one-quarter of their working hours.

“…If companies don’t use security automation, they’ll find that it’s impossible to keep up. Automation is the only approach I’ve seen that can lead to truly effective monitoring of the gigantic number of security events that we all receive.”

Chief Information Security Officer

Team gets proactive

After adding more sensors to monitor internal network traffic, the Respond Analyst plugged right in to help the team gain more coverage–without extra resources or effort.  The high-quality security monitoring also increased mean-time-to-response (MTTR) giving the security team more time to focus on threat hunting and investigating potential vulnerabilities.

“…the cost of the breaches that the Respond Analyst prevented probably would have been at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Chief Information Security Officer

The Results

Extended security team capacity. Achieved 24x7 monitoring. Saved hundreds of thousands.