FinTech leader builds world-class security with the Respond Analyst

Kyriba’s CISO led his team to build an enterprise-grade security program that extended his SecOps team’s capacity by 2,000 security analysts.  Powered by the intelligent decision-making skills of the Respond Analyst, their security program meets the strictest compliance standards and maximizes efficiencies.

Extending Team Capacity

Building an enterprise-grade security program without adding headcount meant finding a balance between human and machine. Kyriba selected the Respond Analyst after experiencing its scalable decision-making skills—monitoring 138M events and escalating just 9 incidents in one-month.  It would take 2,000 human analysts working 24×7 to cover 138M events in one month.  Don’t believe us?  Get a demo and we’ll show you the math.

“The more data we throw at it, the better. We like the software's consistent performance. I know that the Respond Analyst is looking at these events the same way every single time.”

Kevin Bailey, Kyriba

Boosting team morale

Kyriba strives to provide a pleasant working environment for its analysts in the hopes of retaining them as long-term security experts. Now, front-line analysts spend their time on higher-value, more rewarding activities. Read the full case study to learn how Kyriba has up-leveled the tier-1 analyst role using the Respond Analyst.

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The results

Kyriba was up and running with the Respond Analyst in under one month. The deployment extended their security coverage to 24×7 (with a 2,000 human analyst equivalent) and decreased the noise generated by sensors by 90%. They estimate a savings of $600,000 in deferred annual staffing costs.