University of Oklahoma
Changing the Game for Modern SecOps

The University’s advanced cybersecurity program has a dual mission: to train students while defending the campus against threats. Always looking to innovate, their Deputy CISO deployed the Respond Analyst to ease staff workload. His team now has a critical advantage when seconds count.

Reducing Alert
Volume Fatigue

The University’s security team was monitoring 80 million events and chasing 350 alerts per week.   It was impossible to keep up.  Now the Respond Analyst monitors all events in real-time and only escalates 2-9 incidents per week.  Confidence is up knowing they have broader coverage across sensors and can respond faster to potential threats.

“Now our security analysts are in a better position because they're working with escalations that are more relevant. We don't waste time triaging incidents that are ultimately false positives.”

Aaron Baillio, Deputy CISO at the University of Oklahoma

Protecting with a
Small but Mighty Team

By escalating only the most critical security events, the Respond Analyst helps OU security analysts stay focused on learning the functions that matter most—threat hunting, incident response, and automating workflows.

The results