The Respond Analyst at Work

Challenge: After a year of working with an MSSP and tuning down their ISP sensors, a mid-size communications supplier had lost confidence in their visibility to security risk. The MSSP failed to identify a few critical incidents, and at the same time, were escalating a high number of false-positives. They wrestled with the decision to expand coverage from 8x5 to 24x7, but no one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night to investigate meaningless events.

Results: With the Respond Analyst, the company saw the following:

1. Regained control of their security operations by bringing monitoring in house
2. Team is happier and their customers safer
3. The Respond Analyst added the equivalent of 12 full-time security analysts

Customer Story:

Reducing False Positives & Taking Back Control


Security events analyzed in 30 days