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2019 Security Predictions: Real or Bogus? Respond Experts Weigh In

Where is cybersecurity heading and what should security teams focus on in 2019? We thought it would be helpful to examine the most common cybersecurity predictions for 2019 from business press, trade publications and of...

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Risky Biz Soap Box: From 2 billion events to 350 alerts with Respond Software

Soap Box is a podcast series created by Risky.Biz where they have detailed discussions with security vendors about a variety of topics – sometimes it’s about their products, other times it’s about the cybersecurity landscape as they see it. In this episode, Respond Software’s co-founder and CEO, Mike Armistead and podcast host, Patrick Gray; discuss how the Respond Analyst can automate the monitoring and triage of your security data and emulate the decision making the process of expert security analysts.

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A Practical Guide to Transforming Security Operations

Chris Calvert, co-founder of Respond Software and Fred Thiele, Chief Information Security Officer of Velocity and Advisory Board member to Respond Software discuss how security operations teams need to adapt to the growing number and complexity of security attacks. Thiele discusses how he’s transformed security operations teams in his current role and in his previous roles in the banking and consulting industries. Additionally, the changing role of security analysts and how to effectively select and deploy new technologies.

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Building Security Expertise into a Virtual Analyst

Chris Calvert, co-founder of Respond Software, discusses why Respond Software was started with host Alex Wood from Colorado=Security. Chris and Alex worked with each other at IBM back in the day when security was simpler. Today, the number of cybersecurity attacks has grown exponentially and the types of attacks has become more complex. Learn how technology innovations coupled with decades of security experience can to protect your business now.

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Inner Circle Podcast: Episode 011 – Mike Armistead Discusses Why We Shouldn’t Fear Our New AI Overlords

Mike Armistead, Co-founder and CEO of Respond Software talks about artificial intelligence (AI) and the increasingly important role that AI and machine learning (ML) play–particularly when it comes to cybersecurity and the value it provides to security operation teams.

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