TAG Cyber: Transform Your MSP to MSSP

An MSP seeking to transform into an MSSP must do so without any reduction in support and without the need to recruit cybersecurity specialists. This guide will detail methods for an MSP to improve day-to-day security support and enable new security services that generate new revenue.

ESG Technical Review of The Respond Analyst: The Virtual Security Analyst

There is no shortage of declarations for revolutionary approaches to threat protection. On one thing that the security community can agree: automation is essential. This is why the latest Technical Review from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is so important. The paper identifies how the Respond Analyst architecture functions as a virtual cybersecurity analyst. ESG details how the Respond Analyst manages a variety of automation decision models, including telemetry by sensor type, activity and incident profile.

Ponemon Institute Report: The Economics of Security Operations Centers

Ponemon Institute surveyed IT and IT security practitioners in organizations that have a SOC and are knowledgeable about cybersecurity practices in their organizations.

From Guards to Detectives: Evolving the Junior Security Analyst Role

2020 Tag Cyber Security Annual: Outlook for 50 Cyber Controls


3 C’s of Security Operations

Reduce vulnerabilities with a sustainable, 24 x7 continuous security operation.