Insights from the frontlines of cyber defense security analysts

The 2017 Cyentia Institute’s “Voice of the Analyst Study” is the first report to give the security analyst a collective voice that reveals new insights about their job. How they spend their time. What they think is most effective. How they view their role.

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What you’ll learn from the study:

  • How analysts spend their day—which activities do they think are most effective?
  • How frequently analysts actually stop an attack?
  • Job satisfaction in the SOC.
  • Security analysts are hard to find, train and retain.
  • The study provides insight into the time spent, satisfaction and overall results for each of the tasks that a SOC analyst conducts during a typical day.

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Voice of the Analyst Webinar


Join Wade Baker, Cyentia Institute Founder and Chris Calvert, VP Product Strategy and Co-Founder Respond Software, as they share the results of the survey. Topics include the security analyst’s opinions regarding strategies, what needs to change in their work environment for a security analyst to be more effective in their role.

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