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AI: ‘We’re Having the Wrong Conversation’

In a video interview at Information Security Media Group’s recent Fraud and Breach Summit in Washington, Chris Calvert discusses: What’s misunderstood about AI; Proper security roles for humans vs. machines; How enterprises need to organize cybersecurity...

Perspective, Security Analysts, Security Operations

Fintech CISO Shares 5 Tips: How Kyriba Automated SecOps

Build a world-class security operation with a lean, nimble team. When security leaders are asked to ‘do more with less’, their choices are 1) reduce their team size 2) think out of the box 3)...

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Security Analysts: Finding Incidents Using Web Filtering Data

Web filter logs contain valuable security data that can be used to recognize adversaries within your network. This data is a top source for incident responders and forensic investigations — once an attack has already been identified. However, the size and complexity of this data makes it nearly impossible to analyze and monitor, let alone to be able to do this in real-time. Respond Analyst is the first security decision automation solution that brings this data to frontline analysis where it’s more valuable. Real-time analysis and triage of web filter data, during network and endpoint analysis, gives security teams an edge in reducing response times and limiting the impact of some of the most stealthy attacks.

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Finding Hidden Meaning in your Palo Alto Networks IPS/IDS Deployments

Feeling like you can’t keep up with the volume of your Palo Alto IPS events? You’re not alone. Nearly every team feels the pain of a mountain of data and an ever decreasing amount of time to accurately review alerts. Luckily, there are solutions to analyze alerts so you find those that are truly malicious and actionable - with only an out-of-the-box expert system.

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A Lifeline for Small Security Teams: Autonomous Security Analysis

Can virtual analysts save security teams from drowning in a sea of event data? Listen to our webinar to see how the Respond Analyst uses its superpowers to analyze network and endpoint data and piece together clues that indicate an actual security situation is occurring. Using real customer examples, you will see how the Respond Analyst is a lifeline for under-resourced security teams delivering vetted, documented security situations for response, rather than monitoring individual events and chasing false-positives.


The 3 C’s of Modern Security Operations – Coverage, Context, and Cost

Join Chris Calvert, VP Product Strategy and Steven Wimmer, Sr. Technical Account Manager as they discuss the importance of context in security operations decision-making and how clues may be hiding in your security data. Using data from recent customer deployments, you will see how two organizations improved their analysis coverage and reduced cost by replacing their current MSSP relationship.

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