Real-time robotic decision automation

  • Integrated reasoning works across all available data sources for better decisions, faster
  • Working at machine speed, data is analyzed, scoped and prioritized
  • 100% coverage means no need to filter, tune-down or ignore alerts
  • Always on, continuous monitoring, analysis and triage at a fixed cost

Security analysis specific to your organization

  • Leverage support for STIX/TAXII to bring in specialized threat intelligence
  • Vulnerability scanner integration assists the software in making more informed decisions
  • Classifying assets & users helps manage the risk posed by breaches
  • Combined contextual resources reduce the false positive incident escalations

Case building, dynamic scoping, prioritization, and notification

  • Fully vetted incidents with explanation of why they were escalated
  • Incidents are re-scoped and prioritized as new evidence is uncovered
  • Automated real-time notifications via PagerDuty

Seamless feedback, learning and integrations

  • Thumbs up/down dialog enables your feedback on escalation
  • Global learning provides more experience than the most experienced human analysts
  • Fits immediately into your current SIEM & SOAR tools
  • Easily connects to case management and ticketing systems

Automated Security Analysis and Triage

Security analysis software that provides full coverage across hard to diagnose use cases


The Respond Analyst Intelligent Decision Engine


Escalates Vetted Security Incidents

Use Cases (Not Inclusive)

  • Targeted campaigns
  • Client-side exploitation
  • Command & Control traffic
  • Data exfiltration
  • Propagating malware between hosts
  • Destructive or modern malware, i.e. Ransomware
  • Infections on sensitive or critical systems
  • Network exploitation, inbound & lateral
  • Internal reconnaissance


Respond Analyst Datasheet

Respond Analyst is the first decision automation system for cybersecurity. With the speed, scale and consistency of modern software, Respond Analyst is ready to go to work, out-of-the-box.

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