Respond Analyst

A New Kind of Analyst

Combining the Best Qualities of Human Reasoning and Machine Power

  • Makes Complex Decisions
  • Security Expertise Built-In
  • Continuously Learning & Adapting
  • 100% Consistency
  • Machine Speed and Enterprise Scale
  • No Human Bias or Fatigue

Automating the Duties of a Front-Line Security Analyst

Designed to leverage your existing detection investments and fit into your existing operations workflow


Gather Context & Investigate Threats


Scope and Build a Case


Feedback and Improve


Prioritize & Escalate

Respond Analyst Skills Include Network Intrusion and Malware Event Analysis
New Skills in Training Each Quarter

Network Intrusion Analysis

Escalates malicious and actionable network intrusions

  • Dangerous network exploitation, inbound and lateral movement
  • Command & Control communications
  • Internal reconnaissance
  • Spreading malware across the network

Malware Event Analysis

Decides which infections require incident response, which can be resolved by IT, and what is not actionable

  • Propagating malware between hosts
  • Destructive or modern malware, such as Ransomware
  • Infections on sensitive or critical systems
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Reasoning vs. Rules in Security Operations

The First AI-Based Security Expert System

The Respond Analyst is powered by a modern, AI-based expert system, which means the expertise is built-in and self-adapting to a customer’s situation, without rules writing, extensive learn-modes or burdensome content upkeep.

Respond Analyst decision-making exceeds rule-based algorithms with patent-pending Probabilistic Graphical Optimization PGO(™) technology, a comprehensive decision engine that models human judgment, reasoning and learning to evaluate all security data across dozens of dimensions.

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