Effective data science

Unlike other XDR solutions, the Respond Analyst connects disparate evidence using probabilistic mathematics and integrated reasoning to determine the likelihood that events are malicious and actionable.  The Respond Analyst augments security operations teams by significantly reducing the need to chase false positives resulting in more time for threat hunting.


Don't rip and replace

The Respond Analyst allows you to choose best-of-breed controls to modernize your sensor grid.  The Respond Analyst integrates with the leading security vendor offerings across important categories such as EDR, IPS, Web Filtering, EPP, Vulnerability Scanning, Authentication, and more.


Easy to install and use

The Respond Analyst deploys in hours, self-learns without tuning, coding or content writing and is cloud-native, so you don’t have to manage infrastructure.


Respond faster

The Respond Analyst can be directly integrated with SOAR platforms to reduce attacker dwell time. Cases are automatically created and scoped in real-time.  The Respond Analyst saves you time and effort because you are NOT responding to false positives.

What partners are saying

“The Respond Analyst XDR Engine is a powerful automation for security investigations, which helps us deliver a world-class cybersecurity service for our MSP customers. It’s AI foundation connects the dots among suspicious events from a wide range of vendors without flooding customers with security alerts that end up being false positives.”

Aidan Kehoe, CEO, Skout Cybersecurity

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Kyriba’s CISO led his team to build an enterprise-grade security program that extended his SecOps team's capacity by 2,000 security analysts.

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