Do you need an XDR solution?

The growth of data and the shortage of security personnel leaves companies at risk. Security teams are resource constrained, filtering alerts to match analysis capacity resulting in longer dwell times.  The following offerings have limitations such as:

  • Security Information and Event Management Systems (SIEM) require rules to reduce the number of events, with output that is unreliable and inconsistent.  SIEM rules can vary in quality resulting in inaccurate or incomplete analysis.
  • Security Orchestration Automation and Remediation (SOAR) platforms require programing by security engineers for data collection, correlation and enrichment.  SOAR tools choke on data, significantly reducing the capability to automate remediation.
  • XDR cybersecurity solutions are limited to the vendor’s tech stack, reducing the data to be correlated, scoped and triaged, locking customers into expensive tools.  Detection capabilities are limited or require professional services or security engineering customization.

Vendor-agnostic XDR - analytics across a broad range of technologies & finding incidents fast


Works with the broadest range of vendors, telemetries, and threat intelligence, so you can choose the  best-of breed solutions without the need to rip and replace existing tech.


Connects the SOC’s disparate evidence using probabilistic mathematics and an integrated reasoning engine to determine the likelihood that events are malicious and actionable


Integrates directly with the leading SOAR platforms to enable automated and fast response to incidents, significantly reducing attacker dwell time.





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Why use the Respond Analyst?

The Respond Analyst is the simple, open and intelligent XDR engine that finds and scopes incidents in real-time.  It makes decisions at machine speed to force multiply tier one monitoring.



Deploys in hours and constantly learns without tuning, coding or content writing. Cloud-native, so you don’t have to manage infrastructure.


Choose best-of-breed controls to modernize your sensor grid.  Works with over 65 vendor offerings across important categories such as EDR, IPS, Web Filtering, EPP, Vulnerability Scanning, Authentication, and more.


Connects the SOC’s disparate evidence using probabilistic mathematics and Integrated Reasoning to determine the likelihood that events are malicious and important enough to escalate.

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The Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine Data Sheet

The Respond Analyst, an XDR Engine, is the first decision automation system for cybersecurity. With the speed, scale and consistency, the Respond Analyst is ready to go to work, out-of-the-box.