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Can Security Teams Effectively Respond to Cyber Threats Without AI?

Mike Reynolds
by Mike Reynolds
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“Two thirds (69%) of organizations acknowledge that they will not be able
to respond to critical threats without AI. ...organizations face an urgent need
to continually ramp up and improve their cybersecurity.”

Reported by Capgemini

The age of Artificial Intelligence holds much promise to combat bad actors but how will the industry turn this trendy buzzword into a viable solution for cybersecurity now?

The benefits of AI:  Goes head-to-head with more advanced cyberattacks

We all know organizations are struggling to keep pace with mounting threats.  A recent study by Capgemini found that 69% of executives surveyed believe they will not be able to react to cyber threats without the use of AI. Cyber attackers are becoming more advanced and are building their own automated technologies. They know that front-line security analysts are overwhelmed managing the volume of data required to monitor and detect an intrusion. The only thing that can match an automated attack is having an automated security monitoring solution in place.

Additionally for most executives, leveraging AI is cost-effective. 64% of executives surveyed said AI lowers the cost of detecting breaches and responding to them – by an average of 12%. Where budgets are concerned, it becomes a financial no-brainer for executives.

This tells us that AI is not only inevitable, but it’s also critical.  

The AI challenge: It can be difficult to implement at scale

69% of executives surveyed admitted that they struggled with understanding how to scale AI use cases from proof of concept to full-scale deployment. According to Anne-Laure Thieullent, AI and Analytics Group Offer Leader at Capgemini, “Organizations must first look to address the underlying implementation challenges that are preventing AI from reaching its full potential for cybersecurity.“

AI at scale is possible with Robotic Decision Automation Software

Keeping pace with automated attackers, finding budget, and scaling a full-blown deployment of AI sounds like a pipedream but not for those using Robotic Decision Automation (RDA) software.

RDA software for security operations automates front-line security monitoring and analysis.  As expert trained software, it emulates human reasoning for faster analysis and decision making. Data can be analyzed at machine speed and enterprise-scale, reducing the probability of threats going undetected or not being remedied. The Respond Analyst is our implementation of RDA and, in some cases, it can be deployed, up and running in hours.

Respond Software believes RDA solves the major pain points security leaders face today by keeping pace with the attacks, reducing the stress for an overworked security analyst, keeping costs contained, implementing AI at scale.

If you want to deploy RDA in your organization contact us today.