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SecurityGeek Travel Guide: Pack Your Bags for These Exciting Cybersecurity Events

Tim Wenzlau
by Tim Wenzlau
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Happy New Year Respond Software fans!

After hiking the Andes Mountains and exploring the coastal cities of Ecuador over the holidays, I’m ready to re-enter the virtual world with the rest of my cybersecurity enthusiasts.

During my travels, I soon realized I hadn’t been this disconnected in quite a while. No cell service, limited wifi and overall no connection with the outside world. However, just because I was disconnected, doesn’t mean I could stop worrying about potential cyber threats.

Because in reality, I am always at risk.

My mobile phone and banking cards transmit and store my personal information, which I value more than the contents of my backpack. My phone could be vulnerable to malware if I connect with local networks, my bank card could be susceptible to illegal card skimmers or I could stumble across a corrupt website and download a malicious virus.

Then it hit me, our best cybersecurity defense is ourselves. Which is why I always attend a variety of events throughout the year to stay up-to-date on the latest security trends and threats.

Now that I’m back from my travels, there are a number of events I’ll be checking out in February.

I’ve compiled a list of events that are relevant to all levels of security professionals. From CISOs to security practitioners looking for best practices to help with their day-to-day or recent graduates trying to get their foot in the cybersecurity door - these events provide something for everyone.

Feeling adventurous? Want to travel? Below is a list of events from all over the world:

CPX 360

CPX 360 is a premier cyber security summit. Attendees will receive up-to-the-minute intelligence about global threats and other vital topics from the world’s leading cyber security experts. In addition, attendees will be able to get hands-on with cutting-edge security solutions from Check Point, networking with your peers, and celebrating with the world’s cyber security elite.


Qubit brings together senior level experts, decision makers and technical geeks in order to see the bigger picture and understand security issues from both sides of the fight. Attendees will learn about the latest trends and threats in the cybersecurity field and stay one-step-ahead of attackers. The event will have a number of highly educational presentations, visionary keynote speeches and technical case studies.

CybserSec Leaders’ ForSight

The CuberSec Leaders’ Foresight is an exclusive, high-level meeting that aims to discuss the activities to enhance European cybersecurity preparedness and foster a competitive IT industry.

If you are looking to network and talk with other security practitioners, check out the events below:

FUEL Spark Summit (Palo Alto Networks User Group)

FUEL Chapter Events (Palo Alto Networks User Group)

FUEL chapter events are local meetups where you’ll keep up with the latest in cybersecurity knowledge and technology. Connect in person with peers and experts to share experiences, advance your knowledge, and make allies in the field of cybersecurity.


The DataConnectors Cyber Security Conferences feature 40-60 vendor exhibits and 8-12 educational speaker sessions discussing current cybersecurity issues such as cloud security, email security, VoIP, LAN security, wireless security & more.

My favorite part about these events, they’re free to attend!


SecurIT’s one-day event series create conversations and networking opportunities to address today’s security and risk challenges. At SecurIT, IT and security executives will discuss holistic and strategic approaches to manage the varied challenges around security and risk.

Need to brush up on new cybersecurity trends or acquire a new certification,? The FutureCon and SANS events can help with that:


FutureCon Events brings high-level Cyber Security Training discovering cutting-edge security approaches, managing risk in the ever-changing threat of the cybersecurity workforce. Gain the latest knowledge you need to enable applications while keeping your computing environment secure from advanced Cyber Threats. Demo the newest technology, and interact with the world's security leaders and gain other pressing topics of interest to the information security community.


SANS cybersecurity events incorporate real-world examples and practical techniques you can apply directly to your work. Each event allows attendees to choose from 25+ information security courses taught by leading industry experts.

If you are looking to chat with one of our SMEs or industry experts at Respond Software, take a look at our events calendar to see what shows we will be attending!

Stay tuned for next month as we will release a detailed list of the upcoming events for March.