Ed Amoroso Asks, Self-Driving Cars…Why Not a Self-Driving SOCs?

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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Ed Amoroso @Tag_Cyber has a thing or two to say about SOC design

It’s hard to ignore all the news (bad and good) about self-driving cars these days—but make no mistake, they’re here to stay. Why? It makes sense that humans teach cars and then use the incredible power of automation and computer intelligence to make driving with inherent dangers easier, safer and far more convenient.

So too is the case for SOC analysts, the people who are tasked with looking for and catching the ever-growing cyber risks that bombard the digital landscape every day. In fact, George Amoroso, CEO of Tag Cyber has a lot to say about SOC design in a recent article titled Self-driving SOC.

“If you are going to build a working SOC, then you’d better know (or learn) how to integrate automation into the design. With cyber attacks now approaching automated speeds that far exceed the ability for any human being to track, the only means for SOC teams to keep up with real-time threats is to automate.”George Amoroso, CEO, Tag Cyber

George should know, he’s an expert on global cyber security.
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