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SOC Discussions for the Proactive Security Professional

Alexa Rzasa
by Alexa Rzasa
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2020 is The End of the SOC as We Know It, and Respond Software customers feel fine.

Why? Because the organizational structure of the SOC will be enhanced and changed by the adoption of SOC automation and proactive security practices. This February, join security leaders & experts for discussions around the root cause issues of SOC inefficiencies, proactive security best practices, and the building blocks of designing an efficient SOC.

In 2019, the average cost of the SOC was $2.86M annually, yet 49% of security leaders say that the SOC is inefficient. (Ponemon Report). Download the report to see how your SOC stacks up against a group of your peers.

Among the leading factors to the SOC ROI inefficiencies are the high rate of security analyst attrition, the resource & capital expenditure for hiring & training, and outsourcing costs. Most security organizations approach the growing volume of event data and malicious threats by staffing security analysts or outsourcing security monitoring to an MSSP. However, both of those approaches create long-term efficiency issues; human analysts can’t handle the stress of monitoring billions of security alerts whether working in-house or at an MSSP.  This information overload creates ineffective monitoring and overstresses human security analysts leading to high employee turnover rates.

On Tuesday 2/4 at 8 am PT / 11 am ET, Dr. Larry Ponemon will join Dan Lamorena in Part I of the Designing an Effective SOC series, to discuss which variables of the SOC contribute to overall ineffectiveness and worsening ROI and explore new methodologies that address those issues. Register for the live webcast or on-demand recording: The Economics of Security Operations Centers with Dr. Larry Ponemon.

While improving the effectiveness of the SOC is crucial to a company’s security posture, the responsibility falls on everyone within an organization to adopt security best practices.

On 2/11 at 8 am PT / 11 am ET, Chris Calvert will participate in a panel of security experts to discuss Proactive Security Best Practices and Strategies. Join this webcast to learn about organizational benefits to proactive security, the technology powering modern SOCs, and best practices & recommendations for a more secure organization.  Wondering what Chris has to say about AI in security and how organizations should structure security differently? Check out this video interview with Data Breach Today.

Chris Calvert and the rest of the Respond Software Team are dedicated to providing modern security organizations with an economical and decisive security operations center.

Join the live webcast on 2/20 at 8 am PT / 11 am ET, of Calvert’s  Part II, How to Build an Effective & Efficient SOC. A must watch for security leaders; learn how to build a modern SOC, improve efficiency and team morale, cost-effectively analyze more data, and validate SOC ROI to senior executives. Take back control, proactively defend against adversaries and prove the SOC business value.

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